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France, Anderson, Basile & Company, P.C. is a full service accounting, auditing, tax and management advisory firm. We currently serve the following types of industries, sectors and organizations: 
Government * Not-for-Profit Organizations * Affordable Housing * Professional/Service Related * Private Education * Operating Authorities * Financing Authorities * School Districts * Retail * Real Estate * Employee Benefit Plans


Assurance Services

Assurance Services include audits, reviews, and compilations of our clients' financial statements. The specific level of service required depends on each client's circumstances. We work closely with clients and their financial statement users to assess particular needs and to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective service. Additional services offered include HUD audits, ERISA audits, agreed-upon procedure engagements, and program audits.

Tax Services

Tax Services are provided for both businesses and individuals. Our Tax Services include:


  • Tax return preparation

  • Small business tax planning

  • Tax issues relating to S, LLC, LLP, and partnership entities

  • Retirement plan implementation and operation

  • Deferred compensation programs

  • Purchase/sale of business

  • Not-for-profit entity tax planning

  • IRS representation


  • Tax return preparation

  • Proprietorship tax planning

  • Retirement planning

  • Year-end tax planning

  • IRS representation

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Management Advising

Management Advisory Services are provided to help our clients improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Our services help clients prepare for the future through special planning and development. Our Management Advisory Services include:

  • Merger and acquisition planning

  • Succession Planning

  • Retirement plan alternatives

  • Quickbooks Software expertise

  • Employee fringe benefit planning

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Plan Development

  • Financing and loan acquisition assistance

Other Services

Other services include:

  • Bookkeeping/write-up services

  • Payroll to tax return preparation

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